Station Five

Before the audio...

As you move through the mirrors, you will notice words written on them.  Reflect on the word and hear Jesus speaking each word over you.  Let the audio guide you through this station and then your time of reflection.  When you are ready, push play.

After the audio...

Reflect back on the eye witnesses you observed tonight. Imagine what Jesus would say to each one:

  • Perhaps He’d tell His disciples not to be afraid
  • He’d probably tell Pilate to choose truth and righteousness in times of pressure
  • Maybe He’d tell Simon about the divine reward for sharing in Christ’s suffering
  • Surely He’d tell His beloved mother, Mary, to take comfort in their reunion in Heaven

What about you? What is Jesus telling you tonight? 

What would Jesus say about your perspective of yourself, others, and most importantly, Him? 

Does Satan succeed in making you feel guilty or bad about yourself, even though Jesus loves you unconditionally and it’s not based on your performance?  

Do you make decisions based on the promise of eternity in Heaven, or the uncertainties of temporary life on Earth? 

As you meditate on these words and your perspective, we encourage you to invite the love of Christ to fill any broken spaces in your life.

And lastly, be encouraged: Jesus took on your sins on the cross, so that you would die to sin and live for good; for by His wounds you are healed.

After you have finished reflecting on your time this Good Friday, please exit quietly.