Josh Clark Assistant Youth Pastor at The Bridge Church RSM

Josh Clark

Associate Youth Pastor

What’s Up! I am Associate Youth Pastor Josh Clark! I am originally from NorCal, born and raised, but went to college here in the OC at Vanguard University and fell in love with SoCal. I couldn’t bring myself to leave this beautiful place; but more importantly postgrad I married my beautiful bride Kendra and God placed me in a position here at The Bridge doing what I love, ministering to and hangin with your youth! Now I have an amazing job doing what I love, an amazing wife, and an awesome dog named Copper! I love seeing what God is doing here at The Bridge and the amazing team I get to work with everyday! I am truly blessed with where I am in life and who I am surrounded by. I love this church!

Favorite Book:
The Bible, its the oldest one I know and I heard there is a bunch of solid knowledge in this thing!!

Favorite Food:
Mexican no doubt!! I love some spice and some tasty carne asada!

Favorite Movie:
I don’t have a favorite but here are some I love; Tombstone, American Sniper, & Date Night

Favorite Scripture:
At this moment, John 20:30-31. This scripture is really awesome, Jesus is giving us a direct invitation into a relationship with him and his word.  I love that he is willing to invite me into such an amazing opportunity.

What do you do in your spare time?
Top three things I love to do: Hanging with my wife, Mountain Biking, and craftsmanship!  Let me know if you ever want to hit the trails with me!!

What is a little known fact about you?
I love to adventure in the great outdoors, and love havin fun full of adrenaline; for example mountain biking shreddin through some solid trails.  Also love getting the kids hyped up in our services, on our teaching, worship, and just our relationship with the Lord!

We are moving our service indoors on May 9th. We will continue to have outdoor and online options for those who are not ready to move inside.