We are meeting outdoor for services // Saturday at 7pm // Sunday at 9am

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When will we begin our "in-person" services again?

Saturdays // 7pm
Sundays // 9am

Field & Middle Parking Lot


What are the guidelines we need to follow?
Since this is an outdoor meeting, the guidelines are less strict, which is why it is our first step back.

  • It is recommended to maintain 6 ft. of space in between non-family members
  • It is recommended to wear a mask while entering the space, but while in the space you can take it off
  • We will have masks available if you need one
  • We will have hand sanitation stations available
  • No food or drinks will be served at this time
  • The chairs will be sanitized between usage

Can I go to either service?
You are welcome attend either service.

Is there anything I can do to help?
We're glad you asked! Yes, most of our teams are designed around one service, so we are developing teams to help for both services. Here are the teams we need:

  • Set up
  • Tear down
  • Greeters
  • Ushers
  • Welcome Center
  • Parking

Will we have children's classes or nursery?
We cannot do any children's ministry at this time, so this will be a family service -- think Easter in the Park without the big screen. We are planning a 1 hr (or less) service -- worship & a message. The playground will be closed.

Do I need to bring my own chair?
Yes, this service is BYOC - Bring Your Own Chair. If you don't have a chair or you forget one, we've got you covered.

Will there be any Senior Seating with shade?
Yes, we will have some seats with shade: 1) on the plaza we have the umbrellas that you can sit under and see the lawn. 2) We will have chairs and EZ Ups in the middle parking lot. We will have designated handicapped and senior parking; look for the signs.

Can I bring someone new to The Bridge?
Absolutely! We'd love to share the hope of Jesus with everyone we can.

Will we continue to have an online service?
We won't have a "live" online service once these weekend meetings begin, however our message will be premiered as normal on our YouTube channel. You can get to that page from our website: https://thebridgersm.com/live/

Will we be passing the Tithes & Offering baskets?
We can't pass the baskets, but we will have a basket available that you can drop your tithes in, if you prefer to give that way. As always you can give online too.

We have been receiving some questions about our services. We can continue to meet outside. It is important to follow the guidelines. We would love your feedback on our weekend services. Please take minute to answer a few quick survey questions.