men's ministry

We invite you to come explore the many expressions of friendship and service that are available, whatever your age or family status. Come be a part of our family!

In a world of negotiable values, confused identities, and distorted properties, we want to help men encounter God’s Word, embrace their identities as His sons, and invest in meaningful relationships with God, their families and each other.

Clearly, Christian men have an unprecedented opportunity to seize this moment and make a difference for Jesus Christ. Now it is time for men to take a stand and join us as we dare to be men of God.

The challenge to be an authentic man of God today is both complicated and thrilling. Most men find that being male in the 21st century brings with it the mandate to excel in a variety of roles, a much more complex job than it may have been in our father’s or grandfathers’ generations. But, being guys, we’re intrigued by the invitation to step up to the challenge.

If you are married, there are men in our ministry who understand the challenges facing you and are willing to share their story of how they have been able to take their relationships with their spouses to a higher level of satisfaction.

If you’re raising a family, there are great opportunities to connect with other dads who share your experiences.

If you’re single or simply want to work on growing as a follower of Jesus, you’ll find there are others you can partner with to encourage your walk, as you encourage theirs.

If you’re more retirement age, ample opportunities for service, spiritual growth and friendship await you as well.

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