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We were created for relationships, and we need them to thrive. God intentionally gave each of us the ability to bless and be blessed by another. Of course, that plays out differently based on our personality types, and that is a joy we can discover together!

Connect Groups serve as a first step towards a greater connection with your church family by connecting adults with similar interests. Whether it be a Bible study, a mountain biking group, or anything in between, we recognize people connect best when there is a commonality – a natural place where life, laughter, and deep conversations can happen.

The purpose of these groups is to bring more opportunities for connection, and that is why they’re (creatively) called “Connect Groups.” Check out our website for all our current options. If your hobby/interest is not represented, please let us know. We are always looking for new groups and new leaders.  Let’s get Connected Bridge Family!


Retreats can be such a great way to for a deeper relationship with God and a greater connection with each other.  Whether it's a men's, women's, couple's, or family retreat, getting away from our normal routine of life can be the catalyst for the growth God wants for each of us.

The best way to find out about an upcoming retreat is to sign up for our weekly update.

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