Bridge Communities


Bridge Communities are where we learn and practice the lifestyle rhythms of a family on mission. We gather each week in homes to share a meal, celebrate what God is doing, pray for one another, and ask the Lord how we can partner with Him in the work He’s doing in our community.


Between work, school, sports activities, family, church, and more there is a never-ending list of things to do. We can be so connected and active, and yet still lack depth in our relationships. A Bridge Community isn’t another thing you add to your life. It’s a place to find community that brings depth and richness to every aspect of your life.

Bridge Communities are mid-sized groups of usually 15-30 people who seek to live out their faith together in relationship with God (Up), each other (In), and the world around them (Out). Each Bridge Community works to embrace a specific missional purpose – a particular way they are joining God in bringing His Kingdom to their neighborhood, relational network, or cause.

Bridge Communities seek to cultivate a feeling of extended family. They are small enough that everyone knows everyone else, but they are large enough to do something substantial together. Bridge Communities are families on mission, a place where you can serve God while building lasting friendships.

Why Bridge Communities?

Human creation began with God who made Adam and Eve and blessed them to be fruitful and multiply, to reproduce the image of God’s family everywhere they spread (Genesis 1:26-28). This is God’s design. Before we were called to be Christians, we were created to be human beings. Before we were called to be the Church, God gave us the key vehicle that would help us function and flourish as humans—family. That’s why, no matter how dysfunctional families become, we keep trying to figure it out.

The family of God will gather in different sizes with different purposes. Bridge Communities are designed to help us rediscover the extended spiritual family, both blood and non-blood related, learning to live the life of Jesus together. These families may encompass singles, families, old, young, diverse ethnicities, races… you get the picture. Anyone who has been alive more than a few hours knows it’s hard. For this reason God gave us extended family because together we are better.

Bridge Communities are meant to help us learn how to BE the Church rather than GO TO or DO Church. They help us to stop doing mission FOR God and to start doing mission WITH God! Jesus came in part to show us the WAY of BEING the church in everyday life!

Are Bridge Communities your next step?

Reach out to a community leader to learn more about their community and how you can join them in their weekly gatherings. Launching the week of October 15th!

If you have questions or are interested in leading or hosting a group email Pastor Justin at  justin@thebridgersm.com 

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