Early Childhood

 As you walk down the Early Childhood Center hallway, you will hear giggles, laughter, and gentle conversation floating out from each classroom.  We work diligently to create environments for young children that engage their senses and deepen their love for God’s Word and His people.  You might see a preschooler dig in a tub of water fishing for the same fish that Peter caught, see a group of kids “reenact taking care of one another” in the home area, see a group of boys building a shelter for some sheep with some over-sized wood blocks or observe a group of children packing a suitcase to take a trip to the “Promise land” with one of our creative storytellers.  We believe that the opportunities to build a foundation of learning and relationship with God, His Word and His people begin as a young child.

Parents regularly tell us that their children look forward to coming to our Sunday morning programs and talk about it all week long.  Even though we love to teach the children and often may initiate a Bible story with your child, we are partners with you, the parents, in helping you to raise your child in a Christian home.  We provide a very simple tool that assists parents in following up, at home, with the Bible stories that are told at church.  Please see the “parent sheet” link below. 

Baby Mission Hills Community Church


Child Dedication
We follow the example of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 where she brought her son, Samuel, to the temple to be dedicated to the Lord for his whole life. If you are interested in more information and/or registration for dedication, please click here for a Dedication Application Form and we will contact you with the date of the next Dedication Preparation Class.