Guest blogger-Kevin West: Teaching our Kids to be Worshipers

Happy New Year mamas!!! To start the New Year off we’re teaming up with Kevin West for our first blog post of the year. We all want to be the best moms we can be for our children. Sometimes that means we’re a referee. Sometimes that means we’re a nurse. At times we have to be a friend. And other times we have to be a teacher. Kevin’s latest post talks about teaching our children to be worshipers…

As parents, we need to have values for our families that we are instilling in our children. Without defining values you will never know what is important and what is not. And let’s face it, every parent needs to know what hill they are willing to die on, because our children will test everything.

One of the values every parent who follows Christ should be trying to instill in their children is worship. Often, people think of worship as merely singing. Singing can be worship, and is a great place to start, but worship is so much more. I write a lot about worship, so I won’t go into a lot about what worship is, but so that we are on the same page, let me quickly define it for us. Hopefully, this will help us as we define worship for our children…READ MORE

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