Blast 45

BL45T is our 4th and 5th grade ministry. In BL45T we employ the J12 model of ministry, which stands for “Jesus at 12”.  There is only one reference to Jesus in the gospels outside his birth and his adult ministry, and that is when he was 12 years old found in Luke 2:41-52. When Jesus was 12 years old, he communicated to his parents the mission of his life: to be about His Heavenly Father’s business.

The BL45T ministry at The Bridge is committed to helping 4th and 5th graders discover the life changing power of owning these seven words of Jesus for themselves – I Must Be About My Father’s Business.

At Sunday services in BL45T, we worship together and come prepared with pencils, Bibles and journals (we call it PB&J!) so when we get into the word we can remember what the Lord is speaking to us. We play games, have prizes and eat candy for participating and at the end of our service we spend time in our small groups broken up by grade to dive into the lesson a little deeper.

On Wednesdays Nights we have BL45T for our 4th and 5th graders from 6:30 – 8:15(ish) @ the HUB. We play games. We worship and we play games. The teaching is done by video series geared for preteens and also includes small group discussions. Oh, did I say we play games? It is a great place to invite friends. BL45T is led by a team of volunteers whose passion are kids! Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and interactive place where kids learn to know, love and follow Jesus! BL45T is where we hope God will form and shape the hearts of 4th & 5th graders to be more like Him!